Our reading program has a great website filled with activities that review the weekly theme as well as vocabulary and spelling activities.  These are a wonderful way to reinforce the skills we are emphasizing each week at home.
At the end of every six weeks unit, there will be a unit test covering comprehension, grammar, spelling and writing skills.  These check to see if students need extra support in any of these areas.  Please encourage your child to look over the skills in their workbooks so they are prepared for the unit test.
Spelling tests will be every Thursday except for the weeks we have a unit test. Especially at the beginning of the year, please help remind your child that there will be a spelling test.

Click here to see this year's Spelling Lists.

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This year the entire school will be reading the book Pie by Sarah Weeks. A great story about a women who leaves her award winning pie crust recipe to her grumpy cat Lardo and then leaves the cat to her niece Alice. This is a great opportunity for all of your children who go to Highland to have a discussion about the same book. General questions about the plot are always great like "What is the book about?" "What is the main problem in this book?" How are the main characters solving the problem?"

This book also has a lot of great pie recipes and references so you can ask about those too. Click here for the recipes.

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And Then There Were None - by Agatha Christie
Murder on the Orient Express - by Agatha Christ

Project Gutenberg
Is the library closed and you need a good book?  This site has thousands of books online for you to download and read!  Because of copyright law, most are from before 1923.  There are still plenty of good things to read like Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes mysteries, and my favorite - Shakespeare's plays.