Parent Links

Curriculum Links

Everyday Mathematics - Everyday Learning Math Program
This site will give you a good overview of the philosophy of our math program.  In addition, there is a parents' section that offers resources for parents to use at home to augment the program.

Treasures - Macmillan McGraw Hill Reading Program
There are extension activities and home support for what we will be reading throughout the year.

Adventures in Time and Place - Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Social Studies Program
Find the underlying philosophy of our social studies program as well as awards the program has received.

Science Fusion
Students can log in (see the science page for more information) and access their text books, video versions of our lessons, and many other resources.

Community Links

Highland Web Site
The Highland site features a photo tour of the school, contact information, a principal's page, current staff listings and a school events calendar.

Abington School District Site
This is the official Abington site that will allow you to explore district policy and up to date information about what is happening in the district.

Abington Junior High Site
Abington Senior High Site
For those of you wondering what your child may experience in the years to come, see what is happening in our junior and senior high.

Abington Township Site
This site is full of information about township initiatives and events.

Official Philadelphia Web Site
This is full of useful information about what is happening in the city.

Careful Technology Links

If you hear a cyber term and are not sure what it means, Webopedia can help you understand.

SafeKids Quiz
This is a quiz your child can take to show how easy it is to accidentally give away too much information.

US Department of Education
This site can help you keep up to date with the most recent legislation concerning stopping cyber-crimes and safety for children.

This company offers a program that can filter objectionable material so your child does not go to site you would not like.  They offer a trial version for you to download and try out for free.

This company also offers a filtering program.  Unfortunately, there is not a free trial version here.