Students will learn 2 comprehensive science units this year along with touching on a variety of other science topics.  In our Ecology unit, we will explore different ecosystems and how the organisms interact within them. During our Electrical Circuits unit, we will learn how electricity flows through a circuit and can be used.

More Science Links:

MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery
This site has some cool images of tiny things seen through an electron microscope.   See a spider spinning a web or look into its eyes.

Scanning Electron Microscope
Here you can see what an electron microscope looks like and how it works as well as see many more up close images of small things.

Brain Pop
This site has health, technology and science movies that are fun to watch and informative.   At the end, you can read about experiments and take online quizzes about what you just learned.

Science U Observatory
At this site you can take a virtual tour of space and see things as if you were on the moon or Mars using their Orrery simulator.  Also, you can see many pre-made images and animations.

NASA's Solar System Simulator
Like Science U, this site lets you observe various space objects from different points of view and in different times.

Cells Alive
This site lets you see how cells work and even go into them using a "cell cam."

How Stuff Works
This is a great site if you've ever wondered - How does that work?  You can learn about cell phones to squirt guns to bug zappers and how they all work.

Building Big
Find out how engineers and architects built some of the greatest structures in history.

Nutrition Explorations
This web site provides information about food and the importance of nutrition.  There is information for parents as well as games for kids.

Moo Milk
This site details how milk is processed and eventually ends up in the grocery store.