Student Links

General Resources

If you hear a cyber term and are not sure what it means, Webopedia can help you understand.
Virtual Reference Desk
This all in one site offers almost everything.  Fact finder to search engine, thesaurus to dictionary, weather to language translator, etc.
Encyclopedia Britannica
Online encyclopedias can help you find basic information on almost anything.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Need a definition, try this one.
The Weather Channel On-Line
Weather Underground
Find out the weather anywhere in the world.
How Far Is It?
This distance calculator can help you figure out how far any two places are in the world.
Find a map and directions to anywhere.
Forgot someone's email address?  You can try to look it up here, but don't count on everyone being listed here.
USPS Zip Codes
Snail Mail is still a powerful tool!  If you need a zip code, this is a great site.
Yellow Pages
Look for stores that you may want to go to or call for information here