Highland has pioneered the University of Chicago’s Everyday Math program to great success.  We encourage you to become familiar with the Student Reference Book since the mathematics looks different than the mathematics we were taught.  Please also look at the games in the back and, by playing them with your child, you will reinforce many of the concepts we are learning in class.

There are many projects included in the Everyday Math program.  One, the Solar System Project, is finished completely in class and using information about the solar system to create a scale model in our hallway.  We also create a Probability Carnival where we explore how games of chance tip things into their favor to increase profits.  Students will have to create their project and an advertising poster at home.  Another project, The Anthropometry Project, encourages the students to find relationships between different measuring scales.  This project requires that student measure adults at home.

More Math Links:

Everyday Math Tools
This site is linked to our curriculum and provides manipulatives to help make the math more hands on.  There are also items like math cards and dice.

Shape and Space in Geometry
This site is dedicated to making geometry fun. Various explorations about manipulating and seeing shape and space are provided from quilt patterns (demonstrating symmetry and rotation) to shadow recognition (where 3D shapes need to be ID based on their shadows.

How the Market Works - Stock Market Simulation Game
This site is an on-line stock market game open to everyone. The game will give you $10,000 to buy and trade stocks (with transaction fee) and by doing well, participants earn prizes.

Units Converter
This converter take units you know, whether they be weight, mass, volume, length, area, speed, temperature, time, pressure, energy, work, circular measurements, and computer storage and converts them to multiple other units of measure like metric. The converter also changes many units of measure no longer used like old English, old German, old Russian, old Roman, ancient Greek and some astronomical units of measure.

Bike Math
The Bike Math site provides information about how math relates to the way the children’s bicycles work. The wheel math combined with the gear ratios and frame geometry help children see how math is integral to their ride. Also a brief history of the bicycle is given.

History of Mathematics
This site provides information about famous mathematicians, a glossary of math terms, and how the teaching of math has changed through history. Also, there is a section about famous curves that includes JAVA experiments that allow students to change variables and see how the curves change.

Cool Math
This site provides a wealth of resources. Teacher and parent sections will help adults direct their students and children more effectively. The children’s section has games about geometry, fractals as well as classics such as lemonade stand.

This site helps explain why math is so important when you get a job.  It also includes some great math games.  Thank you Faith Hill for sharing this site with me.