Social Studies

Students will learn about how our government works along with Pennsylvania history. We will also touch on concepts in economics and the Holocaust.

More Social Studies Links:

Catal Hoyuk
Read about the archeological explorations of Catal Hoyuk and click on the Focus Menu on the bottom to learn more.  Finally, draw one building from the site.  Together we will build a model of the village based on your drawings.

Egyptian Exhibit
Find out from the artifacts in this web site about daily Egyptian life.  Together we will recreate some of these artifacts and make our own Egyptian Museum.

Cuneiform Tablet
Read about Cuneiform writing and see some authentic examples and even find out what your initials are in ancient Babylonian.  When you are finished exploring, write your own message in your own cuneiform like pictographic language.

Mayan Math Problem
Study the Mayan sense of geography and mathematics to solve some elementary math problems.

Ancient Roman Recipes
Roman Recipes from NOVA
  Click here to see how to make some Ancient Roman foods.  The "Soufflee of Small Fishes" sounds interesting to me!

Secrets of Lost Empires NOVA - Roman Baths and Aqueducts
Learn how the Romans built these wondrous structures and even practice building an aqueduct.

A Movie of a Military Reenactment
Find out why the Romans were the most feared military force of their time.

Anglo-Saxon Recipes
Medieval Recipes
Find out how the medieval people ate or cook something up for yourself.  The Jellie of Fyshe sounds particularly tasty.

Prepare a Press Release
Pretend you are the first person ever to set foot on a planet.  Explore the planet online and prepare some information for a press release to tell the world about your historic visit.

After we have read about the struggle for Indian independence, look at these images of India and read poetry about the struggle. When you have finished researching, write a poem about Calcuttaor India.

CNN Interactive
Feel like you don't know what's going on in the world?  Find out the latest current events here so you an really impress your teacher the next day with your worldly knowledge.

This site allows you to explore political cartoons from around the globe the day they are created.  Or you can search their data bases for interesting cartoons of the past.

Hear some of the speeches that changed the world.

Look at some of the iconic photos that drove social change.

Martin Luther King Jr. Sites
Papers and Letters
Read especially – Letter from 
Birmingham Jail
Comprehensive look at his life and affect on America.

Peacekeeper Links
Here are some links about other peace keeping heroes that helped shape our world and fight for justice.
My Hero
Nobel Peace Prize Laureates